AFA PUBLIC ART COMMISSION Grants, apply by Oct 1 2018

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This funding assists not-for-profit organizations by providing a portion of the funding required to administer and commission a specific public art project, through an agreement with the AFA, with the intent that the final work of art becomes a part of the AFA permanent art collection.

Who Can Apply

To be eligible for this funding, applicants must be one of the following:

  • a not-for-profit organization
  • library boards
  • Indian Bands as defined by the Indian Act R.S.C. 1985, C.1-5
  • Metis Settlement srecognized under the Metis Settlements Act R.S.A. 2000, C.M14
  • post-secondary institutions established in Alberta and recognized by Alberta Advanced Education and Technology

Organizations must also:

  • be registered and in good standing in Alberta under the appropriate legislation for at least one year prior to the deadline
  • have been in operation for at least one full year prior to the deadline
  • have at least 50% of the organization’s board members, or ruling council, living in Alberta
  • demonstrate adherence to good governance principles, efficient administration practices and commitment to fiscal responsibility
  • have the legal right to place artwork at the proposed location

Previous grant recipients must have met reporting requirements in order to be eligible to receive funding.

Ineligible organizations

Ineligible organizations are:

  • municipalities
  • commercial enterprises
  • schools
  • groups that are not arm’s length from municipalities, commercial enterprises or schools

What Does This Grant Support

Eligible projects must be for the selection, design, build and installation of an original work of public art, in a public location in Alberta, created by an eligible artist as outlined in the AFA’s Collections Development Plan.

Public art commissioned by the AFA is intended to have a 10 year or more life span.

Eligible mediums

While general concepts and thematic elements for the site should be decided during the creation of the proposal, the specific project format, medium and design must not be decided prior to application.

Public Art mediums can include, but are not limited to:

  • sculpture
  • installation
  • fine craft, paintings
  • drawings
  • prints
  • photography
  • multi-media/time-based media projects
  • murals
  • mosaics
  • land art/earth works
  • projects which incorporate design
  • architecture or landscape architecture
  • an edition, multiples or series of artworks may qualify provided the run is limited and consistent with professional artistic standards

Selection and awarding of an artist commission must occur after an organization’s application is received by the AFA and an agreement has been signed between the AFA and the organization.

Eligible artists for project commission

A list of shortlisted artists must be submitted to the AFA prior to final selection for review of artist eligibility:

  • artists selected must be in good standing with the AFA

The final artist and artwork selection must comply with the AFA Collections Development Plan and be approved by the AFA before a sub-contract is signed by the organization with the artist.

Eligible expenses

Applicants may apply for up to 75% of total project expenses, to a maximum amount of $300,000.

Eligible project expenses include any combination of the following:

  • all costs associated with the creation, fabrication and installation of an original work of art
  • equipment rental costs for installation
  • site preparation
  • a portion of costs related to administration and project management of the commission to a maximum of no more than 15% of the total project budget

Applicants are expected to provide a minimum of 25% of the total project budget, covering the costs of the following, in cash or in kind, or from other matching funding:

  • administration of the commission process
  • project mangement costs
  • additional contributions to top-up the application to 25% of the total application budget

AFA contributions should be used for the creation, fabrication and installation of the artwork except for any funding advance due upon the agreement signing.

Artist selection

The approach for artist selection varies depending on the overall budget of eligible projects and type of applicant:

  • the approach used to select artists for projects with a budget under $50,000 is at the discretion of the organization
  • for projects with a budget between $50,000 and $74,999, the opportunity must be distributed by invitation when selecting artists
    • the opportunity may also be publicly posted to reach a broader pool of artists.
  • for government entities and the MASH sector, working with projects of a budget of $75,000 or greater, the organization must select artists by publicly posting the opportunity on the Alberta Purchasing Connection (as per the North West Partnership Trade Agreement)
    • the opportunity may also be distributed by invitation as an additional approach
  • for all other eligible organizations working with a budget of $75,000 or greater, the opportunity must be distributed by invitation when selecting artists
    • the opportunity may also be publicly posted to reach a broader pool of artists

Ineligible expenses

Expenses and activities that are ineligible for AFA funding include:

  • projects of an ongoing nature

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