Fully Funded Vermont Studio Art Residency Fellowships, next deadline Oct 1 2018

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Vermont Studio Center Residencies

Vermont Studio Fellowships & Residencies

Fellowships available that include full cost of residency/travel stipend.

Each month, VSC welcomes over 50 artists and writers from across the country around the world to our historic campus in northern Vermont.

All of our residencies include:

  • A private room in modest, shared housing
  • 24-hour access to a private studio space in one of our 6 medium-specific studio buildings
  • 3 communal meals per day (plus fresh fruit, coffee/tea/cold beverages, and cereal available around the clock)

We accept general applications year-round, and offer three fellowship deadlines per year:

  • February 15th
  • June 15th
  • October 1st

Our fellowship offerings change at each deadline. Admission is competitive and based on review of portfolio or manuscript.

Most residents stay with us for 1 month, so our sessions adhere to a 4-week calendar; however, residencies can be scheduled in 2-week increments ranging from 2 to 12 weeks if a shorter or longer stay better suits your needs.


The total cost of a VSC residency is $3,950 for 4 weeks or $2,050 for 2 weeks.

We are very grateful to those residents who opt to pay for their residency in full, as it allows us to offer need-based financial aid to other talented artists and writers who would be unable to attend without assistance.


We offer over 120 fellowships per year to artists and writers of outstanding talent. A fellowship covers the full cost of a VSC residency (some awards also include an additional stipend for travel/lost income/etc).

At each of our three annual deadlines (February 15th, June 15th, and October 1st), our fellowship offerings change. In addition to some donor-driven awards with special eligibility requirements, there are always a number of general, merit-based VSC fellowships for which all applicants are considered. Join our mailing list to receive email updates about upcoming awards.

Portfolios and manuscripts are reviewed blind by a panel of professional artists and writers, respectively. Applicants will be notified as to the status of their applications 8-12 weeks after the deadline has closed.

Each deadline has different jurors with different tastes, so we encourage applicants who do not receive a fellowship award to consider reapplying at a future deadline.


We also offer financial aid packages to talented artists and writers whose work was well-regarded by our jurors, but who were not awarded a fellowship. More than 90% of our residents qualify for financial aid and would not be able to attend VSC without this support.

Our financial aid packages cover up to a maximum of 50% of the cost of a residency (the total amount of our aid packages varies based on a combination of merit, need, and time of year; the maximum aid is more readily available for residencies scheduled between November and April).

We offer grant funding and additional aid in the form of work-exchange. Work-exchange residents assist the community through 10 hours/week of kitchen, housekeeping, or office assistance in exchange for a $150/week reduction in their residency fees.

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