Surface Design PD Grants for Fiber Artists, submit for Mar 1 or Oct 1 annually

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Surface Design Association Professional Development Grants

Deadline for Submitting Proposals: March 1 or October 1 annually
Open to SDA Members only (apply)

The SDA Personal Development Grant is awarded two times a year in amounts up to $2000. The available funds may vary from year to year. Before applying for a grant, check with the SDA Awards and Grant Administrator to be sure funds are available.


The Personal Development Grant is awarded to SDA members to foster excellence in the field of surface design by supporting creative activities and scholarship. Grants may be used to support studio projects, travel to conduct research or to assist with essays and other written materials. The grant should clearly explain how the funds will further the grantee’s artistic growth and development.


Only SDA members may apply. SDA Board members and staff cannot apply while in office or employed by the organization. Grantees may not re-apply for a grant in two consecutive calendar years and may not receive more than two personal development grants.


The intent of the Personal Development Grant is to provide funds to take artwork to a new level or direction. It does not fund projects in process or completed, and does not reimburse money already spent on a project. A proposed grant that builds upon a completed project may be considered if the applicant can demonstrate how it diverges substantially from the original.

Funds are available for residencies and workshops if the applicant demonstrates that the request for funds meets the Personal Development Grant intention to create or refine new artwork.

To be considered, the applicatnt should have an updated member profile, headshot and at least one image of his/her artwork on SDA website.

Application Process

  • Applicants must submit a proposal via email to the Awards and Grants Administrator – Include the following information:
  • Contact information – name, address, email, phone, cell phone, and website address, if available.
  • Resume of applicant’s education, experience and awards.
  • Project description – address how the project will contribute to creative, intellectual and artistic growth and development.
  • Timeline – Indicate phases of the project development and dates of completion.
  • Itemized project budget – include a) estimated costs of the proposed project; b) all relevant budget line items; and c) sources and amounts of additional funding, if applicable.
  • Amount requested – Note full or partial funding (up to $2000) and expenses to be covered by the grant. Travel funds cover coach fare only, and do not support meals, luxury accommodations, travel companions, stipends, or a per diem for recipients.
  • Support materials – Include information that will assist understanding the proposed project and how it relates to the applicant’s previous work. Materials can include dvd’s, documentation of visual work and publications.
  • Return postage: Include a self-addressed envelope with the appropriate postage for return of proposal materials if you would like them to be returned. Proposals may also be submitted digitally.

Writing Style

Please be specific and describe the project in detail. Budgets must be complete and well organized and include line items that clearly show how the project is being funded. Poorly written applications will be rejected.

Final Report

Recipients of a Personal Development Grant must submit a final report to the Awards and Grants Administrator ( within one month of completion of the project. If the project extends over one year, six-month progress reports are required and must include all expenses incurred within the six-month period and documented by submission of invoices, receipts or copes of cancelled checks.

Deadlines and Contact Information

Submit proposals by: March 1 or October 1 For approval by: May 1 or December 1

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