Tropical Island Creative Residency, Panama, apply by September 20

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Deadline for Applications: September 20, 2015
Duration: up to 5 months
Cost: $250 per week (or $300 including food)

This is a NEW creative experience and opportunity for artists, musicians, writers, photographers, performers, film makers and other creatives to travel to incredible places, make and exhibit work there. To experiment freely and develop ambitious projects in the wild.

La Wayaka Current TROPIC residency will take place on a desert island paradise off the coast of Central America in the archipelago of San Blas.

This forgotten island provides a vortex where time and location feel unknown. There is no phone signal, no internet and life is perceived and lived completely differently.

Live and work in this place completely isolated from the modern world. Be with incredible natural surroundings and immersed in the ancient culture of the neighbouring indigenous islands.

Your workspace will be warm tropical air with ocean breeze, vast open views, white sand beaches, clear turquoise water filled with marine life and corals, palm trees and access to big open spaces.


This is a completely unique and inspiring place to create work. There is the abundance of the natural environment – islands to explore by kayak or life under the ocean with snorkels. The villages of Kuna Yala indians and their rich culture, history and traditions. The other residents working in fields of art, science, music, writing and so on to collaborate with if you wish and the peace and time you will have with yourself in such a tranquil place.


The amount of space is vast and varied. The whole island is available for you to work in, weather you choose sandy beaches, rock pools, grass, or under the shade of palm trees there is plenty of space for everyone, just please be respectful. There are also some basic shelters made with traditional palm leave roofs to work under. The tent is also designed to be a smaller more private, indoor workspace.


The island is an exciting place to challenge your practice by compromising and using what there is available and developing new ways of making, thinking and creating. Whatever it is that you plan to do you can bring personal materials and depending on peoples needs we will try to facilitate and help different types of projects.

We can provide basic non electrical tools. There are materials washed up from the sea such as drift wood, plastic, shoes and odd bits and pieces that can be used. Natural materials can be used in a respectful way – the sand, coconut shells, palm leaves and sea water. There is a small village nearby that has a variety of things but not much. We can help to transport other specific things that people might like to bring for their project.

We want to make ideas reality so if you apply we will strive to you realise the project logistically. Electricity is available as there is solar power but it is limited.

The proposals should consider the island environment and culture as a workspace and context for their work finding that interesting as a concept to work with.


This is a completely virgin island, isolated, wild and uninhabited. In this paradise you will be living in a canvas bell tent, with all you will need inside, for your island stay. They are designed for two residents to live in a basic but comfortable way.

Inside you will find a complete furnished bedroom with mattress, sheets, pillows and rugs and lit with solar powered lamps and candles to be low impact. The tents are waterproof, bugproof, with enough space to enjoy and move around at 16m2 and 2.5m tall.

The facilities on the island have been made in the indigenous local style rustic and natural but hygenic and comfortable.

Fresh water will be provided to wash and shower with Kuna style. Be prepared for a different lifestyle and wild experience



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