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Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute Artist Residencies, apply by Mar 5

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Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute Artist Residencies


Click here to Apply

Applications for the 2018/19 Artist in Residence program are now being accepted in ANIMATION and PAINTING/DRAWING.

Residency application is free. Submission of applications are only accepted online through Submittable.

Applications may be submitted now through Monday, March 5, 2018, Midnight EST.
No entry fee.

The 2018/19 disciplines are Animation and Painting/Drawing. Applicants are MFA preferred. Applicants may not be enrolled in any degree program at time of residency. Disciplines rotate each academic year.

International artists, please take the following into consideration: International artists are responsible for obtaining a visa, as well as necessary documentation for travel and employment within the United States. MWPAI can provide formal letters of invitation and additional support information requested, however it is the artist’s responsibility to carry the burden of the visa acquisition process through the appropriate channels. Please consider the timeline for making such arrangements. Artists must be reasonably fluent in English.

MWPAI is a recognized program by International Arts & Artists, a non-profit organization that sponsors J-1 visas for international interns, trainees, and scholars participating in cultural exchanges with American arts institutions. More info at

A panel consisting of the Dean, Full-time Faculty, Museum Education Coordinator, and Community Art Ed Coordinator will review applications and select artists for the 2018/19 season. Artists will be selected based on the quality of their work and their potential for making the most of their time in the program. Finalists will be interviewed and/or invited to visit MWPAI before being offered residency. All applicants will be notified by email. Please do not call the office for selection results.

This is an entirely online application process via It is recommended that answers are prepared offline, saved in a text or word document, and copied/pasted into the application form so that work is not lost. Do not email or mail your application.


1. Artistic Discipline (Animation or Painting/Drawing )
2. CV (pdf)
3. Please list 3 professional references and contact information
4. Artist Statement (250 Words)
5. Class/workshop proposals (250 Words: 1 – 3 short descriptions of ideas. These are non-binding. )
6. Artist website
7A. Painting/Drawing Applicants: Images of artwork – 15 Samples (Preferred format: JPG, TIFF. Resolution: 300DPI. File size: max 5MB.)
7B. Animation Applicants: At least 5 animation samples ( 0 – 3 minutes each max ) and 10 still images (Accepted formats: JPG, TIFF, GIF, MP4, AVI, MOV, links, and
more. Resolution: 300DPI. File size: max 5MB.)
8. Description of each image (60 Words: title, year, medium, dimensions, additional info)

Click here to Apply

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