Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum Calls for artists & photographers, thru 2017

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The Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum calls for artists and photographers to celebrate the “Return of the Buffalo to Banff National Park.”

The Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum in Banff, Alberta calls for submissions by artists and photographers who wish to be part of a new exhibit that will celebrate the return of the buffalo to Banff National Park in 2017. Interested artists will be able to display (on consignment) their work related to buffalo and share a portion of their sales to the Museum’s education program.

The Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum operates an architecturally unique gathering place to inform and educate each other about the evolving culture of the First Nations of North America Great Plains.  Our mission is to ensure that our work here continues to be a creative process that enables all people to contribute and access knowledge.

This call for submissions seeks artwork that celebrates the artist’s interpretation of the buffalo and its importance to indigenous culture past and present.

Interested artists and photographers should send photos and details (size and medium) of the chosen art pieces they would like to see exhibited at the Museum.  One to five art pieces are allowed per person.

Include details about the artist and why they want to contribute to the celebration of the return of wild plains buffalo in Banff National Park.

Please send information directly to the Museum Business Manager at

Be part of a museum exhibit and join the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum to share your love for the buffalo.  Submissions will be accepted and exhibited throughout 2016 and 2017.

For more information, contact:

Angelika Eirisch CA
Business Manager
Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum
Tel. (403) 762-0965

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