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Int’l Call for R.A.R.O. Itinerant Artist Residency, Argentina

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R.A.R.O. Artist ResidenciesR.A.R.O. Itinerant Artist Residency, Argentina

Cost varies by Atelier & length of stay.
No fixed deadlines.

What is R.A.R.O?

It is a new itinerant residency program that allows foreign artists and those from Argentinian´s provinces and the City of Buenos Aires, to develop their projects in the different ateliers that R.A.R.O.´s team offers.

How does R.A.R.O work?

Each artist can work in a minimum of two ateliers for a period of at least fifteen days and deepening in one or more techniques, according to the project that they are going to develop.

During their stay, artists may exhibit their work, get in contact with local artists, curators, collectors among others. Finally, they would be given the chance of showing their final work either as an Open studio or exhibition.

Who is R.A.R.O intended for?

It is intended to emerging and established, national and international artists of all disciplines who are interested in making itinerant residencies and who want to share ateliers with other artists for the  production of art.

Why are we doing R.A.R.O?

R.A.R.O. arises from an interest in creating opportunities for dissemination, exchange and creation where artists find a common place for production and artistic development.

This type of organization of itinerant residencies manages to generate an original and unique artistic space and creates opportunities for artists to carry out their projects.

What are R.A.R.O’s times?

The time of each residency changes according to the schedule established by the artist and by the different atelier in R.A.R.O.´s databased.  The staying are 15 days minimum and without a maximum limit of time.


The itinerant nature of R.A.R.O.´s programme of internships is established as lacking in class or kind; this is rare in its simplest definition. The artists that are part of R.A.R.O. will be able to:

  • Produce individual work.

  • Have the opportunity to work with other artists.

  • Visit different ateliers of RARO´s artists.

  • Exchange work with RARO´s artists.

  • Getting feedback of your work and provide feedback to other artists work.

  • Having a show at the end of the residency.

  • Personal contact with curators, collectors, gallery owners and other art enthusiasts.

HOW TO APPLY >>!residency-program/cocp

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