Int’l Call for FOTOFILMIC17 Exhibition/Exhibition + Book

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FOTOFILMIC17 Exhibition/Exhibition + Book

Individual SHORTLIST deadlines are scheduled as follow
– Winter ShortList: Feb 28, 2017
– Spring ShortList: April 30, 2017
– Summer ShortList: June 30, 2017

FOTOFILMIC17 is the 5th edition of the FotoFilmic International Traveling Exhibition Competition, world’s only global scale call for contemporary material photography presenting a unique and challenging worldview of 21st C. photographic arts rooted in analog, historical and film-based practices. FotoFilmic exhibitions all bring into sharp focus the ever-evolving relationship photographers negotiate today with reality’s finite time-space experience through material acts of photography, and how such grounding of their vision critically impacts their inspiration, meaning construction and overall interpretive discourse. As the collective weaving of these singular, emerging voices, the FotoFilmic17 Exhibition will signal yet again the central artistic importance and role of a world material practice of photography in the digital age.


For the next 6 months photographers of all nations aged 18+ are invited to submit their best work, and this year also photo book to the 3 FotoFilmic17 WINTER, SPRING & SUMMER SHORTLIST Calls each selecting & publishing 30 photographers every two months (Jan-Feb, March-April, May-June, 2017).

All photographs and books submitted must have been shot either on film in any format or captured analogically. This is an open theme call and submitters can enter up to 10 images (individual images or series) and 1 Photo Book per entry.

Submitters have the choice between 2 different entry types:

  • “EXHIBITION CALL” ENTRY: submit up to 10 photographs for consideration to be shortlisted for any ongoing SHORTLIST Call (WINTER, SPRING or SUMMER)
  • “EXHIBITION + BOOK CALL” ENTRY: same as “EXHIBITION ENTRY” + list 1 photo book to be automatically distributed at FotoFilmic//PULP Gallery and online as part of the FotoFilmic FotoBooks Collection. (all book submissions are directly accepted & published on a monthly basis)

FOTOFILMIC17 TRAVELING EXHIBITION New York//Vancouver//Paris//Thessaloniki

The FotoFilmic17 Traveling Exhibition’s roll-back-in-time itinerary will take the work of its 30 winners all the way to the origins across 4 world cities and as many nations: for this first time since its 2012 debut and following milestone presentations in Asia (Seoul, South Korea, FotoFilmic’15) and Australia (Melbourne, FotoFilmic’16), FotoFilmic will take its 30 final juried exhibitors across a longer 4-city itinerary spanning both the New World and the Old Continent rolling back in time from the west coast shores of Vancouver, Canada to New England’s Empire City New York, then across the Atlantic to the City of Lights Paris, France, and deep to the historical heart of Europe to Thessaloniki, Greece.


  • $1,500 Buschlen Mowatt Nichol Foundation 1st Place Award
  • $500 BEAU Photo 2nd Place Award
  • 3rd Place Lomography Camera Kit & ADOX Film Kit Prize
  • 4th & 5th Place Honorable Mentions & ADOX Film Kit Prizes

See all FotoFilmic17 Exhibition & Publication opportunities available below (EXHIBITION, PUBLICATION & AWARD OPPORTUNITIES section)

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