Scott Gallery presents The Human Face, Feb 4 – 28

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Portrait of Sharon Stearns, 2008
oil on canvas
32 x 36”

Scott Gallery presents The Human Face

February 4 – 28, 2017

Portraiture is one aspect of the exhibition “The Human Face,” but also included are works whose human subjects remain anonymous. The faces are half-faces; they are hidden behind masks or are present only as reflections. Sometimes the faces are divine or monstrous or faces whose inscrutable features give little away.

The intent of the show is not identity exclusively, but rather the human face as receptor: our material ‘gift from the gods’ with which we both receive and transmit knowledge and experience. We hope these artworks reveal something of the triad of artist, subject, and perceiver.

“The Human Face” will feature work by CW Carson, Kun Chen, Shane Golby, Jim Davies, Hideo Hagiwara, Frederick R. McDonald, Brad Necyk, Leslie Poole, Juan Lopezdabdoub, Matthew Tarini, Jesse Thomas, Richard Tosczak, Robert Sinclair, Jason Stovall, Pat Service, Kunisada Utagawa, Harold Town, Campbell Wallace, and Mee Wong.

Scott Gallery
10411 – 124 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5N 3Z5

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