Mind the Gap, BFA Honours Exhibition, Nickle Galleries Apr 20-May 19, Calgary

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MIND THE GAP, BFA Honours Graduating Exhibition

April 20 to Friday, May 19, 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 20, 5 to 8 pm. Artists in attendance

Four graduating University of Calgary art students decode the complexities of the ‘in between’ from April 20 to May 19 at Nickle Galleries.

The Department of Art at the University of Calgary, and the Nickle Galleries invite you to attend MIND THE GAP, an exhibition of multi-media works exploring the GAP, one which we can refer to as the ‘in between’, ‘the transition’, and even a physical gap.

To ‘mind the gap’ is a warning often encountered at a train station, alerting the passengers of a space between two places (the platform and the train). This gap is a space of neglect and  omission; we step between the gaps, but never us them as places of happenings. Indeed, everywhere we look there exists these space of limbo, where an ineffable loss occurs but is not fully registered. MIND THE GAP is an attempt to decode these complexities and in turn engage with no just public voices, but an earnest look within.

In MIND THE GAP, Mahwish Ahmed, Emilija Angelovska, Ysabel Fernandez, and Eric Wu introduce the gap to their individual thematic concepts, which range from spirituality, journey, food culture and the impact of the 2013 Calgary flood on the China Town community. The graduating artists included are presenting a variety of artistic works they have produced over the course of the year. The curricular programme at the University of Calgary has placed a great focus on the studio experience where academic theory is applied along with real world praxis. An accompanying undergraduate thesis is also a major supporting element in encouraging a professional environment and academic foundation.

Nickle Galleries
Taylor Family Digital Library
University of Calgary, 410 University CT NW

Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

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