Call to Artists, Timberlea Murals, Wood Buffalo, Deadline: Apr 27

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2017 Call to Artists, Timberlea Community Park-Storage Sheds Project, Wood Buffalo

The 2017 Graffiti Abatement Mural Program is requesting proposals for this year’s mural at Timberlea Community Park.

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is seeking proposals from Artist or Artist teams specializing in outdoor murals.


The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) intends to commission an Artist/Artist team to design and install murals on four storage sheds in Timberlea Community Park. The murals will cover the entire exterior of each shed.


The artwork must adhere to the following design parameters:

  •   Ensure artwork installation process does not pose a risk of injury to the public
  •   Artwork must be finished with a graffiti resistant coating (provided by the Artist/Artist team)
  •   Artwork must appeal to a wide, culturally diverse audience and be suitable for all ages
  •   Artwork is located in the public realm, therefore subject matter must be consideredBUDGET INFORMATIONThe budget for this project is $30,000.00 CAD, all inclusive. The budget includes all costs associated with the project including, but not limited to: artist design fee, travel/accommodations, meals for the artist/artist team, materials, equipment costs, transportation and installation.


    As part of an ongoing effort to promote and cultivate local art and artists, the artist/artist team commissioned to install the Timberlea Community Park murals will be expected to host two community workshops during the installation process. The parameters of the workshops include the following, but are not limited to:

  •   Artist/Artist team will provide a hands-on, on-site workshop specifically for local teens.
  •   Artist/Artist team, in partnership with RMWB, will host an on-site hands-on workshop for thegeneral public.
  •   The cost to facilitate the the workshops (plus any promotion) will be covered by the RMWB.

Applications must be received by 2 p.m. (MST) on Thursday, April 27. To find out more about the program and how to apply, please download the Call to Artists package.

Please email all submission packages to


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