Call to Artists, Stony Plain Art Walk, Deadline: June 15

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Call to Artists, Stony Plain Art Walk

Deadline: June 15, 2017

We are pleased to invite artists to take part in the 5th year of the Stony Plain Art Walk.

We are proud to provide artists every year with a space to show and sell their work to the local community.  I am amazed and excited by the amount of art events there are now, and support for the arts in the community.


Registration will run from right now until June 15, 2017.  If you have already registered, thank you!  For previous vendors, however, in order to streamline this process and make it easier for you, just respond back to this email that you would like to take part.  I will need to know the following:

•       Can I use the image provided last year?  If you don’t remember what you had last year, just send me something new entirely.

•        If your contact information, website information etc has changed, please let me know.

•        Did you like your spot last year?  Did you want it again?


With your registration fee, your information will be posted on social media, on the website, as well as a listing in both the Stony Plain and Spruce Grove News Papers.  We do ask that you share Facebook posts for yourselves, and other artists as well.  When you share the posts, they are seen by way more eyes and in the end, help the word get out.  Liking posts is great too!  The best times to share information on social media is 9 am, noon, 3 pm and 6 pm.  Thank you in advance for not only sharing your information when I post it, but also sharing others as well!  A strong vibrant arts community exists in the Tri-Region area.


Saturday, July 1, 2017 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm


Starting Saturday at 8:00 am, vendors are invited to come set up their 10 X 10 space.  Should you come before 8:00 am, you may be asked to wait while I finish setting up the infrastructure of the event.  If you will require more than 2 hours to set up, please contact me ahead of time.  In previous years, I have scheduled set up times.    This year, I will send out a site plan the week before like normal, but you will have an open window for set up.  The one thing I do ask is that you be considerate of other vendors and don’t block traffic lanes.  There were a couple close calls last year.  You are asked to drop off your display and art, then move vehicles to the parking lot.  I realize that there is some challenges with locations however, I do ask for your patience and attention to traffic flow and safety.  Finally, you are responsible for setting up your booth, and there is no expectation that help will be provided.

Take down:  

All vendors are expected to remain on site, with their booths set up until 3:00 pm (the conclusion of the event, and the Towns celebrations).  Vehicles and pack-outs will not be permitted prior to 3:00 pm.

Display regulations:

The work displayed for sale must be original (meaning you created it).  Home-based business sales (like Amway, IT Works, BeautiControl) are not permitted.  Registrants are responsible for providing their own display infrastructure and protective coverings (tents, tables, chairs etc.).  Each space is 10 X 10.  Any extra spaces must be arranged and managed through me.  Please do not set up your work anywhere else outside of your spot or along pathways.


Security is not provided and all artists are responsible for the protection of the contents of their booths.

Additional opportunities for artists!

I am currently working on some information sessions for artists to learn and grow from a business perspective.  These sessions will be included with registration.  Please take a moment to go to this link to tell me what you would be interested in attending.   Depending on interest level, these may or may not be arranged.  This survey will open until the end of next week only.

Stony Plain Art Walk

If you have any questions, please let me know.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Angela Watt:

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