Call to Artists: Linea de Costa Artist Residency, Cadiz, Spain, ongoing

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Call to Artists: Linea de Costa Artist Residency, Cadiz, Spain, ongoing

Linea de Costa Artist Residency, Cadiz, Spain
Duration: 1 to 3 months


The Linea de Costa Artist in Residence Program is an initiative organized by Linea de Costa, a private non-profit organization based at Cádiz Coast (Spain). The main Linea de Costa organization goal is the artist in residence program itself. The artist in residence program aims to stimulate creativity through interaction with the local environment, artists and cultural institutions, and seeks to foster cross-cultural relations between participants and the local community in Cádiz.

Who can apply?
Artists of any nationality and discipline belonging to contemporary creation, who want to develop an artistic project cooperating to reach the non profit organization aims. Applications are not open to artists born or resident in Cadiz and its province. Projects must be developed in a minimum period of a month, maximum three months. All artists admitted by Linea de Costa do it as “artist in residence membership”. Artist will get this status after the correspondent membership dues had been paid. 
The Linea de Costa AIR Studios are housed in ECCO Cádiz (Espacio de Creación Contemporanea), located in the city’s 18th century artillery barracks. The studios can accommodate up to four artists, and are equipped with the following:
  • – Wireless Internet Connection.
  • – Separate working area for each artist with a large worktable, stools, power sockets and shelving.
  • – Reference material (with study area).
  • – Common room for breaks and get-togethers (conference table, seats, microwave oven, kettle, fridge).
  • – Large roof terrace (165 m2) with sea views.
  • – Materials and equipment: projector, screen, printer-scanner, two monitors (small and large), DVD player, stationery equipment (craft knives, self-healing cutting mat, staplers, rulers, felt tip pens etc.), jigsaw, drill, Dremmel multi-tool, tool set (hammers, screwdrivers, hacksaws etc.), extension cables, electric stapler, two portable halogen lamps (500 watts), airbrush compressor, potter’s wheel, option of firing small ceramic pieces (the kiln is located off site), plastic buckets and utensils, glue gun, two easels, whiteboard.
The non profit organization Linea de Costa is able to lodge no more than three artists at the same time in single bedrooms in Linea de Costa apartment, very close to our studios. Linea de Costa apartment is not a rental apartment, but a free courtesy for artists in residence memberships. However, artists-in-residence can opt to rent a self supported accommodation in a different apartment (for example if they don’t want to share lodgement with anybody or they want to be accompanied by friends or relatives). Anyway, in both cases, the artist-in-residence membership dues are the same.
Conditions & Dues: go to CONDITIONS & DUES LIST
How to apply: go to APPLY

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