Call for Artists, Branscombe House 2018 Artist Residency, Deadline: May 29

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Call for Artists, Branscombe House 2018 Artist Residency

Request for Proposals

Richmond, British Columbia Dept. of Arts, Culture & Heritage

Deadline: May 29, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Request for Proposals
Branscombe House 2018 Artist Residency
Branscombe House 4900 Steveston Hwy. Richmond, B.C. Canada

The City of Richmond Department of Arts, Culture and Heritage invites professional artists in all disciplines (including writers, composers, visual artists, musicians, theatre artists, video, multi-disciplinary, social practice and performance artists) to submit proposals for an 11-month live-in residency located on Canada’s west coast, in Richmond, B.C.

• The Branscombe House residency will begin in January 2018 and run until mid- December, 2018.

Branscombe House is a recently restored Edwardian style house located in the residential area of historic Steveston in Richmond. The self-contained two-bedroom suite upstairs is offered as an artist residence/studio with rent 100% subsidized in exchange for a minimum number of community art engagement hours on approved projects/programs developed in collaboration between staff, artist(s) and community groups/organizations.

We are seeking proposals for interesting new projects and programs that promote meaningful community engagement through artistic opportunities.

This is the third annual Artist Residency. For information about the programs offered by the current Branscombe House artist-in-residence, visit

Eligibility: Professional artists in any discipline*

Application deadline: May 29, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Budget: Up to $1500 in hard cost reimbursement (materials, supplies)

Residency duration: 11 months, starting mid-January 2018

•  Detailed 2018 Call to Artists and access the online application.

Apply at branscombe.htm. Details enclosed.

For more information, contact:

Katie Varney
Manager, Community Cultural Development City of Richmond, B.C.
(01) 604-247-4941 |

*Live/work space not suitable for practices involving amplified music, loud equipment or fumes.


1. Eligibility

Open to professional artists in any discipline (including writers, composers, visual artists, musicians, theatre artists, video artists, multi-disciplinary, social practice and performance artists) from any part of Canada. Artists from other countries will be considered but all visa and residency requirements are the responsibility of the artist.

Artists with experience working with diverse communities are especially encouraged to apply.

2. Budget

In exchange for an average of ~22 hours/month (240 hours total) of hands-
on community art engagement on approved projects/programs (developed in collaboration between staff, artist(s) and community groups/organizations),
the artist will receive 11 months of 100% subsidized rent of a self-contained, semi-furnished 2-bedroom suite in a recently restored heritage house located in Steveston, about 17 km south of Vancouver, B.C.

The artist is responsible for travel, insurance, moving, living expenses and production expenses for their own work. The artist will also pay a $500 damage deposit, returned upon successful inspection of the house at the end of the residency. The City will provide in-kind marketing and print production support and facility/production support associated with public programs (eg, access to free room rentals, basic workshop materials, performance spaces, tech support, etc.) as well as up to $1,500 in hard costs as negotiated. The City will also assist visiting artists with establishing local relationships integral to their practice, finding in-kind suppliers, orienting them to the area, etc. as well as facilitating access to other City departments, community centres, heritage and cultural facilities, systems and services as appropriate.

3. Art Opportunity

Request for Proposals


Branscombe House

2018 Artist in Residence

Branscombe House 4900 Steveston Hwy. Richmond, B.C. Canada

photos: springtime at Minoru Track, Chinese drummers

The residency is an opportunity for artists with a community-engaged practice
to create new work in exchange for live-in creation space. During the residency,
the artist will establish a presence in the community as appropriate. This will include spending time developing a body of work and engaging the public with their programming which may include workshops, exhibitions, demos and legacy projects on the Branscombe site, community centres, schools and events/festivals as negotiated.

Proposed activities with a clear focus that is tied to artistic practice should engage a diverse, multicultural audience and show strong interest, connection and relevance to the community beyond standard open studios and artist talks. The artist should have a strong interest in connecting members of the public to arts and culture programming and experiences.

The residency has the following objectives:

  • create a unique opportunity for professional artists to engage with the community at-large in a meaningful, interactive setting;
  • offer free artist-generated programs, exhibitions and/or other activities to the community;
  • over time, build a program of activities, exhibitions and collection of art and/ or records of art activity inspired by Richmond’s distinct heritage, diverse community and/or natural setting;
  • encourage and facilitate cooperative partnerships between artists, community organizations, businesses and other community members;
  • create “cross-pollination” opportunities for local artists to meet with and be inspired by visiting artists;
  • bring to life, and call attention to, an important and well-recognized heritage asset;
  • showcase a range of artists and art forms over time, involving professional artists of a variety of disciplines, from diverse backgrounds and locations; and
  • leave a lasting cultural impact upon Richmond residents.

Branscombe House is located at 4900 Steveston Highway and is one of the earliest homes built in the area; as such it is significant for its historical association to Steveston and for reflecting the pattern of commercial and related residential development that occurred in Steveston’s early history.

The Branscombe House Artist-in-Residence is selected annually via an Open Call

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