Int’l Call for Bellagio Arts & Literary Arts Residency, Italy, apply Oct 1-Dec 1 2018

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The Rockefeller Foundation

Th open application period for the Arts & Literary Arts residency program is closed. The next open call will begin October 1, 2018 with a deadline of December 1, 2018 for residencies in 2020. If

The Bellagio Center Residency Program The Rockefeller Foundation

The Bellagio Arts & Literary Arts residency is for composers, fiction and non-fiction writers, playwrights, poets, video/filmmakers, dancers, musicians, and visual artists who share in the Foundation’s mission of promoting the well-being of humankind and whose work is inspired by or relates to global or social issues. The residency is for artists seeking time for disciplined work, reflection, and collegial engagement with a diverse community of academics, practitioners, and artists.

The Center has a strong interest in proposals that align with the Rockefeller Foundation’s work to expand opportunities that enable more broadly shared prosperity and build resilience in people, places and institutions to prepare for, withstand, and emerge stronger from acute shocks and chronic stresses. Often selected proposals also demonstrate relevance to the Foundation’s core issue areas of Advance Health,Revalue EcosystemsSecure Livelihoodsand Transform Cities 

To most effectively integrate the important voice of the arts throughout residency cohorts at the Bellagio Center, we are now holding one annual open call for residencies. The program will continue to welcome the same volume of high caliber artists to Bellagio, reinforcing the Foundation’s commitment to the arts and demonstrating its perspective that the arts are integral to the discourse around complex global challenges and critical to the well-being of humanity.

To further strengthen the reach of the program and ensure high geographic and disciplinary diversity among residents, we are also working with a range of new arts organizations to surface promising candidates. We have established outreach collaborations with four organizations: Khoj International Artists’ Association in Delhi, Fundacion Jumex in Mexico City, Africa Centre in Cape Town, and United States Artists in Chicago. These collaborations will extend our networks to attract a greater number of geographically diverse, highly distinguished artists working in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the United States. 

The Arts & Literary Arts Residency


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