Fractures: Emmanuel Osahor at SNAP Gallery to July 29, Edmonton

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Fractures | Emmanuel Osahor

SNAP Community Gallery
Opening Reception: Friday June 23, 2017. 7PM – 9PM

Exhibition Dates
June 22, 2017 – July 29, 2017

Fractures Emmanuel Osahor

This collection of photographs explores the complex duality that exists in Edmonton as a result of dynamic levels of marginalization and separation. Utilizing a process of photographic manipulation, these images reflect the challenge of questioning the dual nature of existence in contemporary society.

Growing up in a developing country with high levels of poverty, I became aware of the various levels of separation and marginalization that exist as a result of the class and ethnic rivalry that has crippled the foundations of my country’s existence. Moving to Canada in 2010, I made the assumption that the grass was most likely greener here, and during my first few years residing here – removed from the larger community as I mainly focused on my university education – I believed I was right. I was able to convince myself that the sense of community disconnect which existed in Nigeria did not exist here. However over the past 3 years as I have worked increasingly outside of my initial circle and built relationships with members of marginalized populations in Edmonton, I have become very aware of the other side of “Canadian life”, inhabited by equally complex systems of marginalization and separation, delineated most times by racial and class structures.

The images in this collection were developed out of a desire to explore this nature of dual existence in contemporary society. The images are created through a process of layering and scanning multiple film negatives together in order to create a single image. Each negative contains an image captured through a street photographic process that provides a glimpse into the various facets of human interactions within this city. The new images created through the scanning pro-cess, reveal fractions of the initial photographs while concealing others, reflecting through their visual complexity the complex nature of our existence and interrelationships as a community.

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