Meghan Price: New Balance #1, UAS to Sep 30, Calgary

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New Balance #1 | Meghan Price 

Exhibition dates: August 5 – September 30, 2017
Closing reception: September 28, 2017, 6 pm Drinks at the Palomino Smokehouse to follow from 7 pm

Meghan Price: New Balance #1

Meghan Price: New Balance #1

A backlit, macro image, New Balance #1 is a site-specific photographic work that depicts vibrant yet grimy layers of high tech textiles, foams and rubbers. Recalling striations of Earth’s crust, this work specifically references the planet’s uppermost layers, marked by humans as they are embedded with environmental pollutants including textile materials and residues from such materials’ manufacturing. New Balance #1, an image of deconstructed athletic gear, combines material and pattern to signal a disconnect between human pursuits of self-improvement through sport and our physical dependence on ecological health.

Meghan Price’s multidisciplinary practice figures relationships between human time and geological time, human-made materials and the earth’s. With an emphasis on the temporal qualities of media, Price uses material manipulation and metaphor to challenge anthropocentrism and foreground a deep time perspective. Her process driven work is indexical by nature and in this way references the geological record. Stitches accrued in paper tally the year of moments it took to compose the sculpture titled Metamorphic. The ongoing Watching Rocks series communicates the timescale of stone with the immediacy of video streaming.

Price’s practice, founded in the craft of weaving, prominently features textile modes and materials. In her sculpture and print work, cloth evokes the human body, daily life and the domestic, and processes like weaving and stitching generate structures akin to diagrams, models and maps. In Stratigraphy, a geological diagram is reproduced in carefully stacked quilts relating the layers of Earth’s crust to a linen closet and the material record found there.

Meghan Price is a Toronto-based artist. Recent exhibition sites include The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design (Asheville), the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba (Brandon), Katzman Contemporary (Toronto), Idea Exchange (Cambridge) and Blackwood Gallery (Toronto). Price has held residencies at Artspace (Sydney), The Scottish Sculpture Workshop (Lumsden) and the Banff Centre. She holds a degree in Textile Construction from The Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles (2003) and an MFA from Concordia University (2009). Price currently teaches in the textile studios of OCAD University and Sheridan College.

Support for New Balance #1 was provided by the Ontario Arts Council and The Printing House

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