Call to Artists, Silver Skate Folk Trial Fire Sculptures 2018, Deadline: Nov 17

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Silver-skate-fire-sculpture-callSilver Skate Folk Trail

The Land of the Golden Apples & “Free Will Fires’’

Deadline for submissions is Friday November 17, 2017

Background Information

A terrible curse has befallen “The Land of the Golden Apples” when its Queen suddenly dies during the birth of Princess Summer. Unbearable grief turns the King’s heart to ice and Princess Summer and her nursemaid, Magda, are locked away in the highest tower of the castle. The people of the kingdom, who loved the Queen the most, are transformed into menacing Wolf People. Soon everyone’s heart grows as cold as that of the King. The magical orchard of warmth emitting golden apples, for which the kingdom is named, begins to whither. The curse grows stronger and the kingdom is patrolled by ferocious Wolf People. In a nearby Kingdom, Prince Gerald hears of the beautiful princess trapped in the tower of a cursed kingdom and sets out on a quest to meet her.

News of the Prince’s quest reaches Princess Summer and she escapes the tower in search of her independence and Prince Gerald. Magda is sent out to find Summer and the King soon follows. During a blinding blizzard Gerald and Summer stumble into an ice cave and quickly fall in love and as they do the ice cave begins to melt. Magda, then the King, notice the melting cave and come upon Summer and Gerald. As the King stares upon Princess Summer, he is reminded of his beautiful Queen. Slowly Summer steps towards him, puts her hand to his cheek and whispers “Papa?” Tears fall from the Kings eyes as the ice surrounding his broken heart melts away and a golden apple tree begins to grow in the very spot the Kings tears have fallen. The curse is lifted. The good people of the Kingdom, who were once wolf people, return to their human form and the Land of the Golden Apples returns to its former glory.

Ashamed of their evil deeds that had nearly destroyed the Land of the Golden Apples, the people’s hearts grow heavy and a little cold creeps back into the kingdom. Quickly the King proclaims that each year the kingdom will write down any thoughts that make them sad or any fear or regret that chases love from their hearts and burn them. As the fires burn so does any chance of the curse returning to the kingdom and each Golden Apple in the land shines a little brighter on this special day.

For the complete story of “The Land Of The Golden Apples” 

visit our website at (click link)

We are going to feature individual teams of fire artists on 5 different evenings during the festival on February 10, 11,16, 17, &18, 2018. Fire Artists are invited to submit their ideas or vision of a Fire Show for the festival. Applicants are encouraged to keep “The Land of the Golden Apples” storyline in mind when designing their fire installation but any awesome fire sculpture will be considered. For the talented fire artist that have participated at previous festivals, we encourage you to dig deeper within the story to find new imagery to inspire your fire sculpture in 2018.

Deadline for submissions is Friday November 17, 2017

Successful artists will be contacted by Friday, December 1, 2017

More information:

780-488-1960 or go to

Or contact creative director, Ritchie Velthuis at 780.862.7208


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