Int’l Call for Submissions: Junction North Gallery, Deadline: Mar 1

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portrait-north2-lgeInternational Call for Submissions: Junction North Gallery, Calgary

Juried, group exhibition

Submission Deadline: March 1st 2018

Exhibition: April 5th-29th, 2018 

Theme: “Portrait-North”
It is easy to recognize the out-of-this-world wonderlands, icebergs and ice sheets of northern places– the ones made famous by historic pictures of the Franklin Expedition and Bradford Expeditions, or even by modern day journalists and art photographers such as Paul Nicklen or Olaf Otto Becker. Indeed, The ‘North’ is often thought of as a harsh, rugged and singular entity; images of the north often go undefined in terms of the specific geographic location, and people seem to nod in agreement about its characteristics. However cold and wintery some northern places may be during winter months, there is of course also a perhaps less visually dramatic summer season as well as a spring, and fall. And within theses seasons we are bound to find people going about their day-to-day business, in the light of day or night and the oft mentioned midnight sun or the dim twilight of polar night.

Who considers themselves to be northern? Where is ‘the north’? When we say northern – “compared to what?” seems an appropriate question as well. This exhibition explores these ideas and asks artists to consider where ‘north’ is for them, and to show us how their northern regions are made up of varied geographical, geological and peopled places.

As author Robert McGhee explains, in Western minds the north has been made out to be the “last imaginary place”, seemingly distant, unattainable and fantastical (McGhee 10). Who, one might ask, would work to assist / save / fight for an imaginary place? In the current historical moment of climate change, one approach to fostering sustainable behaviour is to remove barriers to understanding and to build community. To better understand northern spaces as peopled and diverse (rather than imaginary) is to gain a deeper and more situated understanding that humanizes, rather than mystifies, place. For more, please join us for our curators talk, date and location TBA.

Selected works will be exhibited at the Junction North Gallery in the April of 2018. 

About Junction North Gallery: 

junction-north-7_2_logoJunction North Gallery (JN) is a micro sized, ‘green’, touring art & craft gallery and art centre based in Calgary, Ab Canada. It features professional exhibition and workshop space and a variety of sustainable living options including LED lighting, on-site recycling & composting,  solar energy options and a rain barrel water system. It is a mobile, 130 square foot venue with a mission to connect artists, communities and ‘green’ living.

All details on how to apply:


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