Acceptable Bodies: Allison Tunis at Alberta Craft Council Jan 13 to Feb 24, Edmonton

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January 13 – February 24, 2018
Artist Talk & Reception: Saturday, January 20 from 2-4pm
Alberta Craft Council, Discovery Gallery

Allison Tunis

The need to feel beautiful and desired is universal, but the standards for how to achieve that are so restrictive that it leaves little chance for many to accomplish this feat. Allison Tunis’s embroidery pieces develop a discourse around cultural conditioning and societal implications of restrictive standards of beauty. Tunis’s works feature portraits of persons who shun outdated and constricting notions of what are considered “acceptable” bodies in our society and who celebrate their differences and diversity in ways that can be considered disobedient, either actively or passively. These art pieces are a way for Tunis to explore her own internal evolution away from the traditional paradigm of thin, white, cis, able-bodied women as the epitome of beauty and sexuality, towards a more inclusive understanding of beauty and the shunning of restrictive norms and aesthetic standards.

Discovery Gallery
The Discovery Gallery is dedicated to showing new work by established and emerging fine craft artists as well as small group exhibitions.  The Discovery Gallery is located on the main level of the ACC and features 7+ exhibitions per year.

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