Call to Canadian Artists, U of Saskatchewan RFQ Portrait of Chancellor, Submit by Apr 6

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Call to Canadian Artists, U of Saskatchewan RFQ Portrait of Chancellor

Deadline for receipt of proposal: 2pm April 6, 2018

The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) is seeking interest from qualified Artists to commission a portrait of the Chancellor. This portrait will become part of the University collection of paintings of other distinguished members who have served the University. In the past, portraits have been commissioned in a larger 3⁄4 length, in a traditional style, and are displayed in traditional frames (see Appendix B).

The final portrait should measure 40” wide x 50” in length. Although all previous portraits have been in oil, other disciplines and mediums will be considered. In consultation with the chosen Artist, the U of S will approve the supplies and medium to complete this Commissioned Work. The intent of this Call to Artists is to obtain offers to perform the Commissioned Work to complete the portrait as specified in the Contract documents.

To select the eligible Artist to complete this Commissioned Work, the U of S asks that all interested Artists provide the following, as outlined in the instructions below (see COMPETITION GUIDELINES (Section 1.1) and COMPETITION REQUIREMENTS / CHECKLIST (Section 1.2) and ensure that a complete package is submitted with your Bid Form (see Section 2.0).


  1. a)  The submission package including The Bid Form, fully executed, dated and endorsed, must be received at Purchasing, ConnectionPoint, University of Saskatchewan, 121 Research Drive, Suite 505, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 5A2 up to 2:00 P.M. CST on April 6, 2018. Please label package “Call to Artists – Portrait of Chancellor”.
  2. b)  Late packages will not be considered and will be unopened and returned to the Artist.
  3. c)  Any Artist interested in submitting offers should complete and return Appendix A – Receipt

    Confirmation to the Issuing Office via email – see Section 1.1 d).

  4. d)  All inquiries pertaining to this Call to Artists MUST be directed to:

    Purchasing, ConnectionPoint University of Saskatchewan 121 Research Drive, Suite 505 Saskatoon, SK S7N 1K2 Phone: (306) 966-7957


    The submission, including all addenda and pre-closing related documents shall be posted to U of S Competitive Bid Opportunities. It is the sole responsibility of Artists to download the submission documents as they become available on the U of S Financial Services website (see website:

  5. e)  All addenda will be issued in writing to all Artists and shall be incorporated into and become part of this Call to Artists.
  6. f)  Artist’s costs to develop the package, the costs for investigative work performed prior to the execution of any contract, are entirely the obligation of the Artist and shall not be charged in any part to the U of S.
  7. g)  Unless the Artist expressly and specifically provides otherwise in their written submission, the Bid Form shall automatically be deemed to include the Artist’s agreement to the Preferred Contractual Provisions of this Contract. If the Artist cannot accept any of these provisions, the Artist must set out the objection in their submission. FAILING WHICH, ALL PREFERRED CONTRACTUAL PROVISIONS SHALL BE INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE IN THE CONTRACT.

Call to Artists BUY-954 Portrait of the Chancellor Page 3 of 17

h) Bids shall remain open to acceptance and shall be irrevocable for a period of ninety (90) days after the receipt of Forms.

    1. a)  Artist shall submit a completed Bid Form (see Section 2.0) indicating the proposed start date and

      the estimated number of days required to achieve completion of the Commissioned Work.

    2. b)  Artist shall submit a curriculum vitae including contact information for three (3) references.
    3. c)  Artist shall submit a portfolio including, but not limited to, a minimum of fifteen (15) digital images (300 dpi, JPEG format) of previous work, exhibition record, past commissions and awards. Digital images must be submitted on CD/DVD or memory stick. Image files must be:
      • PC-compatible
      • in .jpg file format
      • a maximum of 8 MB file size
      • a maximum resolution of 2400 X 3000 pixels
      • saved as individual files on the CD-ROM or memory stick, without creating folders.
    4. d)  Artist shall include, as a part of their Bids, their preferred methodology to perform the Commissioned Work. This should include such information as: preferred medium, discipline, supplies, number of visits, required time with the sitter, how and where Commissioned Work shall be done, etc. The Artist may be expected to travel to meet the sitter for at least one sitting. All final decisions will be made by the University Portrait Committee in consultation with the Artist.
    5. e)  Artist must include a detailed budget including additional expenses to be taken into consideration by the Committee.
    6. f)  Artist must include an indication of agreement to all conditions of the standard University of Saskatchewan Contract for Services or must indicate objection to specific clauses.
    7. g)  Artist must track and ensure that the package is received by Purchasing, ConnectionPoint prior to the closing date and time.
    1. a)  Conditions of the Contract shall be the standard University of Saskatchewan Contract for Services (Section 3.0).
    2. b)  The desired start date for the Commissioned Work is June 1, 2018, however alternate start dates may be considered.
    3. c)  The anticipated date of completion of completion is April 1, 2019.
    4. d)  Contract requirements will include that a composite (painted sketch), including the context of the portrait will be documented and sent to the U of S. Before the artist begins the final commission the Committee will meet to approve the composite. The artist will be notified immediately if there are questions or requests for changes.
  3. 1.4  BUDGET
    1. a)  Budget for the proposed Commissioned Work is Twenty Four Thousand Canadian Dollars ($24,000.00 CAD), including but not limited to Artist’s fee, materials, applicable taxes and travel in excess of the amount covered under item 1.4 c) below.
    2. b)  In consultation with the Artist, the U of S must approve all materials including, for example, stretcher, support (canvas, linen, panel etc.) and paints. The U of S shall cover the cost of shipping, framing or presentation of the Commissioned Work.

Call to Artists BUY-954 Portrait of the Chancellor Page 4 of 17

c) The U of S will cover travel expenses of up to One Thousand Canadian Dollars ($1,000.00 CAD). Additional travel to be covered within the Artist’s fee, if necessary.

d) The selected Artist will be paid 25% at the time of the award to assist with any expenses that are incurred as a result of the award, with the balance paid upon satisfactory completion of the Commissioned Work.


  1. a)  The University, Committee and Sitter, reserve the right to accept the Artist who is deemed most

    suitable to provide this Commissioned Work.

  2. b)  Criteria to determine eligible Artists may include, but shall not be limited to the following (not necessarily in order of importance):
    1. Qualifications of Artist: The U of S may make such investigations as deemed necessary to determine the ability of any Artist to perform the Commissioned Work, and the Artist shall furnish to the U of S all such relevant information and data for this purpose as the U of S may request.
    2. Curriculum vitae including references.
    3. Portfolio including, but not limited to, previous work, exhibition record, past commissions,

      awards, etc.

    4. Information supplied, as requested in this document.
    5. Proposed budget.
  3. c)  The Commissioned Work shall be consistent with the style presented in the Artist’s portfolio.
  4. d)  The Artist may withdraw their Bid Form prior to the specified time and date for receipt of Forms.
  5. e)  The selected Artist will be notified in writing by May 15, 2018, indicating the University’s acceptance of the offer and intent to enter into a Contract. This letter of intent will constitute a commitment between the U of S and the Artist, which will enable the Artist to commence with preparation for the Commissioned Work.

University of Sask Portrait Commission

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