Call for Artists, Wreck City Residency, Calgary, Deadine: Feb 26

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Wreck-City-Full-finalCall for Artists, Wreck City Residency, Calgary

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Monday, February 26, 2018 @ Midnight

WRECK CITY seeks artists, collaborators, and collectives of all disciplines interested in participating in our first Residency, located in the Calgary neighbourhood of Marda Loop. The residency is a self-directed opportunity to explore, research, experiment, and generate new work, culminating in a public exhibition. In particular, we are looking for participants with experience working in DIY art spaces, alternative contexts, and non-traditional venues. Successful applicants will be interested in engaging the space and fellow artists, with special emphasis on collaboration and co-habitation.

While WRECK CITY will review and select participants as a collective, our individual curatorial statements can be found here.

Onsite accommodations for up to 5 out of town artists (or artist couples)  are available upon request. For those interested in living onsite, please anticipate a “room-mate style” living situation (ie. not fancy, but with necessary amenities and communal kitchens) located in Marda Loop, Calgary. More information about accommodations will be available upon request. Our Venue Sponsor is RNDSQR.

As part of this Residency, a handful of Visiting Artist Lectures and field trips will be arranged, contextualizing the project within a broader conversation about alternative art spaces in Calgary.

Expectations: Generally, it’s expected that participants will be available during the WRECK CITY Residency dates (June 22 – July 27, 2018)*. We hope artists will spend most days working onsite, depending on the specifics of their project. All artists are asked to participate in the final exhibition (although the final form of this participation may vary). Each artist will be invited to organize one public engagement event: this could be an artist talk, a workshop, a film night, a potluck, or any other event engaging fellow artists and the broader community.

Honourarium: $2000 (including GST)

Material budget per artist/team: $1000 for materials or expenses. As with previous WRECK CITY projects, please consider using free, recycled, scavenged, begged, borrowed, or stolen materials wherever possible.

Each participant/team will be paid $3000 total, and be individually responsible for allocating their own budgets to cover materials and honourariums. Additional in-kind sponsorships may be available to help offset expenses. If requested, WRECK CITY will supply Letters of Invitation to assist successful applicants with external funding.

Additional perks:

  • Visiting Artist Lectures and Studio Visits

  • Field Trips to Artist Run Centres, special events, etc.

  • Onsite accommodations for up to 5 artists (or artist couples)

  • Bicycles for out-of-town artists (by request)

  • Communal woodworking tools

  • Shared specialty equipment (ladders, lifts, etc) as required

  • Professional documentation of final artworks

  • Introductions to local maker/production spaces and organizations

If you’re interested in more information about the WRECK CITY Residency site, please email with an e-mail titled Request for Site Information.

*Exceptions may be granted for out-of-town artists, if identified in advance. However, even out-of-towners should be available for a majority of the Residency dates.


WRECK CITY seeks RFQs (Requests for Qualifications) from artists, documentary filmmakers, and critical art writers interested in participating in an experimental artist residency in Calgary. Successful candidates will be willing to engage in collaborative, chaotic, immersive, and independently-motivated situations, and be available throughout the WRECK CITY Residency (June 22 – July 27, 2018) and intermittently during the Public Exhibition (July 28 – August 11, 2018).

The location of the Residency is currently secret, but it is located in the Calgary neighbourhood of Marda Loop. Our Venue Sponsor is RNDSQR. For further inquiries about the location, contact us.

WRECK CITY is a curatorial collective that organizes site-specific art exhibitions in alternative spaces (you can read more about us here and explore our previous projects here). Our first WRECK CITY Residency is intended to connect artist-participants through a 5-week self-directed residency, followed by a 2-week public exhibition comprised of objects, installations, performances, and/or situations generated during the residency. Unlike previous WRECK CITY projects (where artists were asked to apply with fully-formed ideas) the WRECK CITY Residency will select participants through an RFQ process, and ask them to engage with the site-specific context of the space, including fellow artists, the surrounding community, and the site.

​14 artists, collaborative teams, and/or collectives will be selected based on the integrity of their portfolios, availability, intentions, and relationship with DIY art spaces. One documentary filmmaker and one critical writer will be commissioned to document this process. We intend to empower our participants by encouraging organic collaborations, knowledge and resource sharing, and authentic experimentation.

The WRECK CITY Residency is one of 200 projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program, developed to fund arts during the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation. WRECK CITY is one of 3 Calgary-based arts initiatives to be awarded this grant, including Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society and Czapno Ensemble (Old Trout Puppet Workshop). These projects were chosen from over 2000 applications across the country. With this $35M investment, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.

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