Call to Alberta Artists, “AIR”, Deadline: Apr 1

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Call to Alberta Artists, “AIR” 

Deadline: April 1, 2018

The Alberta Society of Artists invites all Alberta artists to participate in the exhibition, “AIR”.

Pollution, ozone degradation, social issues relating to public health and environmental effects of air quality.
A mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and minute amounts of other gases that surround the earth and form its atmosphere. A change in the atmosphere; a light breeze, a strong wind, a tornado, etc. Airborne, overhead space, sky, meteorological events.

Address any of these issues and phenomena or other related insights.

Deadline for Submissions: April 1, 2018
Notification of Results: April 15, 2018
Artwork Drop-Off: End of May 2018 (exact date to be determined)
Opening Receptions: Still to be determined. Accepted artists will be notified of exact dates.


Calgary Central Library – June 2018 and possibly others


$25.00 submission fee for all non-members
$10.00 submission fee for ASA Associate & Student Members Submission fees are waived for ASA Juried & Life Members.

REQUIREMENTS 1. Eligibility:

a. Open to all artists residing in Alberta.
b. Artwork must not exceed 40” in any direction
c. If artwork is selected and weighs more than 15 lbs. the selected artist must be present for installation

2. Submission Information:

a. Submissions will be accepted online only via our website

b. Artists may not have submitted this artwork previously for consideration into any other ASAexhibits.

c. Two works of art may be submitted per artist.
d.This exhibition will accept both works for exhibition only and works for sale.Any sale arising from this exhibit will have a commission not to exceed 50% of the value of the work. e. Notification of results will be by email.
f. Installation and take-down dates to be determined
g. Incomplete submissions will not move to jurying phase.

h. Jury results are final; artists will not receive feedback or comments from the jury.

ASA Prospectus: “Geometry” 1|3

3. General Submission Requirements:

a.Form submitted online
b. A 100-word artwork statement(s) for each piece submitted. c.Image files in JPEG format, 300dpi, and no more than 3MB in size.
d. Submission Fee (if applicable)

4. Image Requirements:

Entries must conform to the guidelines as follows:

  1. Artwork may not have been created as part of a class or a workshop
  2. Please ensure that all image files are correctly oriented.
  3. Imagefilesmustbeclearofframes,walls,bordersoranyotherbackgrounds.Imagesshouldbeoftheartwork only; no date stamps, no watermarks, no copyright symbols, or any other elements should bepresent that will obstruct the visual field.
  4. Image files should be appropriately labeled: LastName_FirstName_Title.jpg.

e. Diptychs and triptychs must be submitted in one file showing how the pieces work together and

individually as image files labeled: LastName_FirstName_Title_A.jpeg, B.jpeg, C.jpeg. f. SUBMISSIONS RECEIVED VIA EMAIL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

5. Accepted Artists:

a. Accepted artists are expected to volunteer in different capacities related to the exhibition.

b. No early withdrawals of artwork are permitted during the exhibition. It is expected that the work juried and submitted by the artist to the exhibit will be hung in gallery for the entire duration of the travelling

c. No substitutions will be accepted once a work of art has been juried in. This includes changes in the image,

title, dimensions, etc.

d. ASA reserves the right not to display artwork that differs significantly from the accepted submitted images or does not present professionally.

e. All artwork must meet the above criteria in order to be showcased in the exhibit.

6. Specifications:

  1. Works must be signed, gallery ready, appropriately framed with D‐rings & wire installed for hanging. Any unique artworks that require special care or have installation instructions must be clearly explained and labeled. Please hang wires about 1⁄4 of the way from the top of the piece – lower wiring will create an unattractive hanging angle. Each work must be clearly and securely labeled on the back with the name of the artist, the title of the work, and the media employed.
  2. Safe transportation of material to be exhibited is the responsibility of the artist to INITIAL EXHIBITING LOCATION and from the FINAL pick-up location in Calgary.
  3. No sawtooth or wall buddies permitted
  4. Any work exceeding 18×24” that would be normally framed in glass must be framed in plexiglass instead.Long pieces exceeding 24” should have plexiglass even if the height is less than 18”.
  5. Please Note: ASA is not responsible for any potential damages to framed plexiglass that occurduring transportation or throughout the duration of this exhibition.

ASA Prospectus: “Geometry” 2|3

7. Liability and Insurance

  1. Artists are encouraged to seek insurance coverage for their artwork during transportation and for the duration of the exhibit.
  2. The sale price of the artwork should be equivalent to its insurance cost.
  3. While the ASA takes every effort to ensure careful handling, and hanging, the ASA is notresponsible for any damages to artwork (including but not limited to theft, vandalism, fire,obstruction or scratches in artwork’s frame) or loss of artwork entered into the exhibition.
  4. By submitting their artwork to this exhibition, artists are acknowledging and agreeing that ASA isnot responsible for reimbursement or replacement of lost, stolen or damaged artwork submitted to the exhibition.

8. Transportation Protocol

  1. ASA is not responsible for any fees or insurance coverage involving the transportation of artwork to and from the drop off and pick up locations.
  2. Drop off of Accepted Work: All works should be delivered to the Gallery ready for installation. Date and time will be communicated upon acceptance. If you cannot drop off the artwork at the Gallery on the indicated date/time then you must make arrangements to ship your work to the Gallery directly. Note: ASA is not responsible for the cost of shipping.
  3. Artists are responsible for following the packaging and shipping guidelines of their chosen method of transportation; this includes appropriately packaging their work, labelling their piece and carrying out any further actions that ensure safe delivery of artwork (i.e. fragile stickers, if necessary).
  4. Accepted artists will need to enclose prepaid shipping and instructions for return of the artwork if using mail or courier services.
  5. It is not ASA’s responsibility to organize the return of accepted artwork beyond repackaging and arranging delivery to mail, courier, or pickup.
  6. All artwork must meet the above criteria to be showcased in the exhibition.

Full Prospectus

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