Alberta Printmakers presents Absurd Walls, Feb 23-Apr 7

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AP-exhibition-image-HukissonAlberta Printmakers presents Jacqueline Leigh Huskisson / Absurd Walls
February 23 – April 07 2018

Arts Commons +15 Window

February 23, 2018, 7pm – 9pm
Opening Reception and Artist Talk

Within the exploration of Failure and lowbrow artwork Jacqueline Leigh Huskisson studies repetition. With her interest in comic books, animation and other accessible popular media she explores the use of narrative in a repetitive fashion, to make a single piece. Once repetition is used to the point of redundancy the topic at hand displays its true nature, like the ludicrously of mundane actions, showcasing the brilliance of everyday troubles.

Her work is a reflection of her emotions, thoughts and abstract feelings; whatever she produce is a product of her own misgivings. Drawing upon graphic designs, toxic colors, graffiti, zines and comics to inspire the imagery, Huskisson to creates an environment that a viewer can physically walk into, an environment that warps the space and their minds. With the optic illusion of the printmaking, the viewer is drawn into the fantasy world, trespassing and  becoming a voyeur upon the creature’s lives.

For More information, please find invite and essay below.

Artist Bio:

Jacqueline Leigh Huskisson considers herself primarily an artist who draws. Everything she does starts with the lines that lift off the page and evolve into video, installation, printmaking, comics, and illustration. Her art can be a question, a reflection or a joke of the human condition and how one perceives our place in the universe.

She was born and raised in Calgary and started her artistic career with a B.F.A in 2011 from the Alberta College of art and Design. Looking for a challenge she migrated to the emerald isles, and in 2017, earning a M.F.A from the Belfast School of Art. Currently Huskisson pursues a studio practice in Calgary and is awaiting her next adventure.

Carrie Phillips Kieser, Director
Alberta Printmakers
4025 4th St SE, Calgary, AB
Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat 11-4,
Closed Holidays or as Posted otherwise

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