Call for Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, apply by Oct 1 to 31, 2018

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Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale

The Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (GICB), which celebrates its tenth edition in 2019, is expected to undergo significant changes, especially in regard to its “international competition”. The GICB aims to establish a platform dedicated to promoting communication and exchanges between artists and the public. The upcoming biennale will present diverse programs such as the academic symposium and workshop in a comprehensive, multitiered format within the framework of the international competition, as opposed to the past in which the biennale hosted programs individually.

The GICB International Competition 2019 – as an exhibition is a gateway for newly emerging artists to acquire a presence in the global art scene – will offer diversified support programs that will help artists expand their world view. It will continue to retain its tradition as a “competition,” though with improvements in institutional arrangements including application conditions, exhibition format, screening criteria, and support programs, yet simultaneously aim to present a new paradigm for art events, as an “international exhibition” leading the trends in ceramics and an “art forum” bringing together workshops, performances, and seminars.

GICB International Competition Exhibition

• Exhibition Period : August 2 – November 10, 2019 (tentative)
• Exhibition Place : 2, 3 Gallery, Icheon World Ceramic Center
• Number of Participating Artists
– Online Exhibition : No more than 300 artists who have been selected from the 1st round of portfolio screening
– Offline Exhibition : No more than 40 artists who have been selected from the 2nd round of portfolio screening

Total Cash Prize

KRW100,000,000(approx 93,222.00USD) for seven (7) main nominees

Grand Prize(1)

KRW50,000,000 (approx 46,620.00USD)
(includes purchase price) +
GICB2021 Solo Exhibition

Excellence Prize(4)

Ceramics for Use: 2
KRW10,000,000 (approx 9,324.00USD)
(includes purchase price)

Ceramics as Expression: 2
KRW10,000,000 (approx 9,324.00USD)
(includes purchase price)

Special Award(2)

Ceramics for Use: 1
(approx 4,662.00USD)

Ceramics as Expression: 1
KRW5,000,000 (approx 4,662.00USD)

The prize money can be claimed in the currency of choice of the winner, with the conversion being made on the basis of the closing exchange rate of the day the award is granted. The prize winners of Korean nationality or those who hold the nationality of a country with which Korea does not have an established tax treaty, will receive the amount remaining after tax has been deducted.

The cash prizes for the Grand Prize and Excellence Prize include the purchase value, and therefore the prize-winning works become the property of KOCEF. The Grand Prize winner will be invited to hold a solo exhibition during GICB 2021, and the exhibition will be funded by KOCEF up to an amount of 30 million KRW. All artists participating in the offline exhibition and a partial number of artists participating in the online exhibition will be invited to participate in the inauguration of GICB 2019, workshops, symposiums, and local networking programs. In the case of artist groups, only one (1) representing individual will be invited. KOCEF reserves the right to exhibit, photograph, record, screen, and publish (i.e. catalogue) prize-winning works. Details of the awards above are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the KOCEF and Jury.

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