Jarvis Hall Gallery presents Dan Whiting New Works, June 2-Jul 7

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Jarvis Hall Gallery presents Dan Whiting New Works

June 2 – July 7th, 2018

JARVIS HALL GALLERY is pleased to preset New Works by Calgary painter, Dan Whiting. 

We hope you will join us on Saturday, June 2nd between 2 – 5 PM, when the artist is in attendance.

Dan’s work is notable for it’s richly stained surfaces, meticulous attention to detail, and transcendental use of watercolour. He is a MFA Graduate from Concordia University in Montreal, and his work can be found in corporate and private collections across Canada. 

While the recent work is a continuation of the general theme of my previous paintings, the imagery has shifted from larger, more expansive spaces to a more intimate one. In these new pieces, I see the spaces as being narrow and maybe even microscopic. While still very interested in pattern and shape, I’m keen in having the colour play a more important role in these pieces. I enjoy seeing how colour can determine and define the images’ visual space. In making these pieces, it is the interplay of the variables that I find most satisfying. Pools of paint can be countered against more controlled decisions, and the aim is to end up with an image that is surprising to both myself and the viewer. – Dan Whiting, 2018

333B – 36th Avenue, SE
Calgary, AB, T2G 1W2


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