Gary James Joynes (aka Clinker), Sound & Visual Artist

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Gary James Joynes (aka Clinker)
Sound & Visual Artist

Topographic Sound I

Topographic Sound I

Artist Statement

Sound is a ubiquitous element in the human experience – its presence or absence defines spaces, emotions, experiences, and time. Vision is the sense most traditionally associated with fine art. My explorations and experimentations in art are focused on the active process of listening to, looking at, and feeling art; slowing down time and linking sensoria to allow for immersion in a whole body experience.

I began as a professional touring musician, morphed into the world of electronic sounds incorporating and mixing live visual elements in Live Cinema performance, and now work in the realm of combined visual and auditory stimuli, creating the experience of synaesthesia. My intent is to bring the viewer to a greater realization of the impact sound has on our contemporary world and the links sound and hearing create to history, spirituality and understanding. I have looked to the works of John Cage, Brian Eno, La Monte Young and Max Neuhaus and then searched for the ocular link.

Through the early experiments of Ernst Chladni and Dr. Hans Jenny I was exposed to the physical and visual properties of sound. I have used modified and custom-built science laboratory tools to create multisensory environments that continue my interests in the slow and meditative nature of minimalist electronic sound compositions, and the experience of deep listening. The visual elements within include still photography, HD video and Macro HD video created by sound as mediated through artist and machinery. The primary creative process involves using sound in pure and compositional forms to animate particulate matter; playing sound and music through materials, shaping and recording the unpredictable results.

By mapping the entire range of human hearing for resonant frequencies that draw defined wave patterns, I have sculpted a collection of waveforms that range from simple minimalist lines and forms to decorative and complex arabesques reminiscent of Islamic architectural elements, Tibetan walking meditation gardens and medieval manuscript illuminations. These visuals are used in composition as the tones are used in “music,” and the resulting collision of neurologic/electrical phenomenon bring the synaesthetic “malfunction” to life.

Artist Bio

Gary James Joynes (aka Clinker) is an award-winning sound and visual artist that has been active in the international Live Cinema and experimental music performance community for years. He has more recently embarked on a broader artistic exploration using his analog synthesizers and custom made machines to create “visual-sound” as photograph/drawing/sculpture hybrids along with immersive and unending installation environments.

His latest live cinema work Peregrination was recently included in the 2013 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art. The most recent chapter in Joynes’ visual catalog presented a solo exhibition entitled Topographic Sound at Edmonton’s dc3 Art Projects in early 2013 and featured his critically acclaimed work Ouroboros which had its world premiere at Toronto’s Koffler Centre of the Arts in September 2011.His debut synaesthetic installation piece 12 Tones will be presented in Calgary at the EPCOR CENTRE of the Performing Arts in September 2013 where it will be featured as part of the Beakerhead Festival and Alberta Culture Days.

Recent performances include SoundsLike Audio Art Festival (Saskatoon), Art Gallery of Alberta (Edmonton), Koffler Centre (Toronto), Electric Fields (Ottawa), Mountain Computer Music Festival (Montana), Roulette Mixology Festival (New York), Soundasaurus (Calgary), Mutek_10 (Montreal), Banff Centre and the 2008 Leonard Cohen International Festival.

The last few years have seen Clinker’s sound and video work performed and exhibited in Canada and abroad in festivals and events including Sublimated Landscape / Sonic Topology @ ICA London (London, UK), Tanzstartklar Festival 2008 (Graz, Austria), Sprawl – Interplay_4 Festival 2007 (Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Bristol).


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