Valéry Goulet, Edmonton Designer & Illustrator

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Valéry Goulet, Designer & Illustrator 

Valéry Goulet, Designer & Illustrator



Artist Statement

Valéry Goulet, Designer & Illustrator I am a designer and illustrator. I was born in Québec, where I grew up and learned plenty of great things that made me a strong, imaginative and dedicated person. My formal education is in graphic design and multimedia, however my entire life has always revolved around drawing ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil.

I absolutely love what I do. In October 2002, I moved to Alberta in search of new inspiration, opportunities and other great things to learn. I currently reside in Edmonton and work on project basis as an Art Director, Designer and Illustrator in the advertising and graphic design industry. I also teach in the Design Studies Program at MacEwan University as well as at the University of Alberta.

Over the past few years I have also had the amazing opportunity to work on a lot of exciting projects on both corporate and personal levels through the company I founded, Valerydesignwrks. My work has been exhibited in different galleries and I participated in special projects such as longboards, clothing, ceramic and wall application designs. These projects opened up a wealth of fun commissioned projects that also rewarded me with awards, something that I definitely take a lot of pride in.

If you have more questions or if you would like to have a look at my resume, please feel free to contact me at
Art Direction, Design & Illustration
Valéry Goulet – 780.231.2955

Applied Arts Illustration Awards Magazine Cover, 2013
ACE Awards Brochure, Corporate Identity, Non-Traditional, Self-Promotion, 2012
Applied Arts Design Awards Identity Design, Logo Application Series, 2012
Applied Arts Illustration Awards Calendar Illustration, Retail Illustration, 2011
Applied Arts Illustration Awards Poster Illustration, 2010
Applied Arts Illustration Awards Self-Promotion, Calendar Illustration, 2010
ACE Awards Self-Promotion, 2009
How Self-Promotion Awards Calendar Illustration, 2008
Applied Arts Illustration Awards Calendar Illustration, 2008
ACE Awards Best Illustration, 2008
Western Magazine Awards Finalist – Best Illustration, 2008

Valéry Goulet – 780.231.2955

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