Sculptor Tobias Luttmer, Calgary

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Artist Statement by Tobias Luttmer

I don’t know if there is a definite ideal I try to get across in my work. It is more a personal battle between my love of classical realism and cubist abstraction. I am also torn between human and animal forms. Every piece you see is taken to the point where I just won’t go any farther. As you can see I usually stop far short of true realism. I like to leave evidence of the tools in my sculpture as a history of the process. My work is constantly changing, evolving because I am always learning.

As for who I am and where I came from. I have lived in Calgary my whole life. I didn’t study art; I didn’t go to university or technical college. I taught my self to carve stone and got some tips from expert sources that led me to work with metals. I have been called an enthusiast. I tend to get involved in what I do and enjoy a challenge. I can carve or construct any design but I truly prefer to have full creative control over my pieces.

To contact Tobias:

Tobias Luttmer| | 403.978.3679
Twitter @thegorilladidit

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