Featured Artist: Cochrane Photographer Olivier Du Tré

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Olivier Du Tré (˚1977, Ghent, Belgium) is a fine art photographer based out of Cochrane, Alberta.

Olivier Du Tré, Abraham Lake

© Olivier Du Tré, Abraham Lake

“Zo vader, zo zoon” the Dutch equivalent for “Like father, like son” holds true for photographer Olivier Du Tré, who credits his father as his inspiration.

“He’s a fantastic painter and a gifted photographer. As a child, I marveled at his uncanny ability to ‘dial-in’ his Leica M3 and produce the most beautiful shots without the aid of a light meter. I don’t ever recall thinking ‘I want to become a photographer’ at that time, but because of him, I definitely knew I wanted to be an artist.”

After graduating as a graphic designer in 1998, Du Tré found his passion after enrolling in a three-year photography program at KISP in Ghent, Belgium. During this time, Olivier immersed himself in film cameras, darkroom printing techniques and black and white photography, all of which continue to play a huge role in his work today.

After seven years of traveling back and forth, Olivier and his wife Sarah decided to make Canada their permanent home in 2009. They settled just west of Calgary in the small town of Cochrane.

“The move was a product of passion. My wife is an avid horseback rider and I wanted to be closer to the subject matter that I found so intriguing. I now have the Rocky Mountains on one side and the open spaces of the Prairies with the compliment/contradiction of man and nature on the other. There’s a unique symmetry to it all.”

For Du Tré, everything is black and white, but never lacking in passion. His approach could be best described as sophisticated minimalism, always trying to simplify a scene to it’s core elements of light and lines. Through precision contrast, proportion and depth, Du Tré captures a ‘formal aesthetic’ using medium format and large format film cameras.

Together with an unbridled fascination for symbolism and symmetry, a reoccurring theme throughout his work, his working often gets stamped as ‘classic’.

His photography challenges the audience to consider multiple perspectives and a careful examination of the unseen. A subtle, quiet, and at times romantic take on the unnoticed, passed-by or mundane.

Contact information:

Website: www.olivierdutre.com
email: olivier@olivierdutre.com

For print purchase contact:
Ian Tan Gallery
2202 Granville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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